The SALGBA Challenge is designed to motivate you to take the next step and implement an idea surrounding employee health care within your state or local entity. Any current SALGBA member is eligible to participate in the Challenge.

Challenge Information

SALGBA Challenges you to share your successful programs to be recognized, acknowledged, and utilized as a best practice by other public sector entities!

Challenge Information

  • Why not? Every public sector entity has, is or will struggle with changes in health care and how to be innovate, progressive, and strategic in meeting the needs of employees and the entity. Sharing of ideas can assist another entity in reaching their objectives without recreating the wheel or spark an innovative idea that gets them to the goal line and helps other entities.

How do you begin?

  • Think back or think forward to an idea you or your team had to benefit your entity.
  • What were the steps taken to implement the idea?
  • Who was involved in the process?
  • How was the idea implemented?
  • What were the results or what are the goals?

How do you take the Challenge?

Winners may choose one of the following awards*:

  • One fully paid scholarship for your organization to attend the SALGBA 2018 Conference.
  • iPads for your organization.
  • Donation to a local charity of your choice.
    *Prizes valued up to $2000 with no cash value.

2017 SALGBA Challenge Winners:

  • 1st Place was Nevada Public Employees' Benefits Program
  • 2nd Place was City of Naples
  • 3rd Place was City of Austin

Past SALGBA Challenge Winners: